Reducing our carbon footprint…..


Our Approach

As a Scandinavian company and supplier of exclusive packaging solutions we are obligated to design and produce sustainable products, that help to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

We must encourage our clients to always consider smarter sustainable options when buying new packaging solutions.

The absolute goal of our environmental work is that our products and processes should have the lowest possible impact on the environment.


Sustainable Development Goals

Working with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Global Goals we strive to:

9 – Promote circular and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation in
our products and production processes
12 – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns to reduce waste
13 – Take action to combat climate changes and its impact
15 – Sustainably manage and protect forests


From cradle to grave

We are responsible for reducing the volume of waste from cradle to grave. Meaning we must re-think our products in both design and production, ensuring the final product is part of a more circular future. We must prevent, reduce, recycle and reuse to minimize our carbon footprint.

On our pursuit to work for a low-carbon footprint we continually search for more sustainable materials and energy saving production processes. This is an ongoing process.


Why choose Sourzing?

By looking at the entire life cycle of packaging from raw materials all the way to disposal we strive to ensure a better environment.

Within materials, we focus on circular renewable materials like natural fibers that are organic or materials that otherwise ensure sustainable and circular thinking i.e. organic cotton and FSC certificated paper.


Choosing Materials

Certificated paper
As an FSC certificate holder we ensure responsible managed forests, both environmentally and socially. By choosing paper with the FSC label, we are helping to take care of the world’s forests.
Using recycled paper allows carbon to remain combined for longer and reduces waste to landfill, benefiting the climate and the environment. We are actively engaged in expanding our FSC product range.

Using Soy Ink 

  • 100% renewable resource
  • Low in VOCs ( Volatile organic compounds)
  • Better de-inking process for recycling

Using Eco-friendly Glue

  • Biodegradable
  • Environmental benefits
  • Water soluble ensuring the recycling process

Surface treatment  

  • Water-soluble varnish
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Wide application range
  • Excellent for recycling

Packaging and transport 

  • Using paper wrap and corrugated bubble paper for a more sustainable box-in-box protection
  • Environmental benefits
  • Eco-friendly means of transportation